[Avatar] Born May 3, 1962 in Inglewood, California, I grew up in a family entrenched in the performing arts, my late father a concert violinist and my mother, a concert pianist. As we grew up, my siblings and I branched out into experimental theatre and opera. I continue to perform in New York theatrical venues and tour abroad to this day. My atypical, but organic transition, or, more appropriately, augmentation of occupation, to include digital media came partly as a practical move, but also as a genuine fascination and drive to use technology toward creative and life-affirming ends. Having spent a great deal of time in my life encountering the ills of competition—in my opinion, far too numerous to justify its efficacy—I have always strived, in my artistic life, and consequently, also in my technologically artistic ventures—to reject competition out-of-hand as an idea whose time has long since gone and persists only due to people's fear and inbred, counter-productive belief in competition as the road to excellence and success. My chosen field of design and development for the web and mobile applications, of necessity, encompasses a wide gamut of disciplines and skills from the technological to the artistic. The conventional wisdom is that one must pursue a career in front-end development or back-end development for the web. Further, some even believe that it is not possible to include design within that front-end or back-end development. From the outset of my efforts, I have defied this conventional wisdom and pursued studies, at first on my own, in design and development for both front- and back-end. Later, having exhausted my ability to teach myself, I pursued a self-designed interdisciplinary degree, Integrated Web Application & Design from the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique & Interdisciplinary Studies at the City University of New York, graduating Summa cum Laude in 2011. My intended career path is to enhance my existing skills in order to build on my current consulting activities and grow a consultancy that serves a broad range of clients with particular sensitivity to the performing and visual arts communities, seeking out, as necessary, collaboration with artists in creation of the desired web application, furthering the synergistic efforts toward accessible and appealing end products that address themselves directly to their audiences.
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From: New York City
Occupation: Consultant/Graduate Student at NYU Tandon School of Engineering
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