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Topic Forum Name
"The keys can be any data type" vs "In fact, it works with any of the keytypes in Elixir." Phoenix in Action
note about repeating pattern in Elixir is wrong at bottom of page 34 (MEAP v7) Phoenix in Action
Listing 2.7 should have one more "\n" at the end of the result Phoenix in Action
a question on Phoenix version Phoenix in Action
Will we be covering TypeScript in Electron? Electron in Action
Typos, grammatical errors, and blah blah? Making Sense of NoSQL
17.1 - "The <fixed-width>double</fixed-width> function we just saw is such an example."... -> where? Get Programming with JavaScript Next
explanation of "project" raises more questions than gives answers Google Cloud Platform in Action
"gcloud auth login" now mentions ADC Google Cloud Platform in Action
"Requires intermediate programming skill with Java or a similar language" why? Cloud Native
Error in chapter 1, text describing the React Native application flow React Native in Action
Listing 2.3 needs to be updated to show correct output CoreOS in Action
some corrections: s/Experiement/Experiment, and a (?) logical error Get Programming with Go
p.5: assertion that "Fleet provides the ability for CoreOS to act as a single machine"? CoreOS in Action
Latest download for latest update still gives me v6? Practical Recommender Systems
Nim to C for Android applications? Nim in Action
MEAP v18: some typos and errors Elasticsearch in Action
this, vs Software Development Metrics: what's the positioning? Agile Metrics in Action
load balancer <-> DNS? Amazon Web Services in Action
Figure 4.2, some questions Amazon Web Services in Action
various errors Amazon Web Services in Action
some comments on chapter 1(version 2) Design for the Mind
quick question on what seems like a typo Software Development Metrics
a few clarifying questions from a first read Software Development Metrics
just curious/gathering feedback: anybody using the source at github? how are you using it? Go in Action
Listing 6.4: printPrime should not print 1 Go in Action
Listing 2.37 + 2.38 errors Go in Action
some typos in chapter 1 OpenStack in Action
some comments/corrections for chapter 1 Elasticsearch in Action
someone on the fence: some questions! Single Page Web Applications
css rules - give us the exact "prefixed" versions! Hello! HTML5 and CSS3
8.1.1 (version 10 pdf page 263, book page 260): "-0.4em" the answer? Hello! HTML5 and CSS3
source code download - only ch01-04? Hello! HTML5 and CSS3
source code zip - a little bit more effort please? No MacOSX cruft Hello! HTML5 and CSS3
Latest MEAP update - version 11 again? Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja example (p. 72), problem with example? Ruby for Rails