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Final decision seems to be not use custom header names starting with X-:

How about not using examples with X- header names?
Regarding section 1.4.1 to create a mule project with maven, I would like to bring something to your notice about generating a mule project with maven that can be opened in MuleStudio.
After maven project is generated using the usual mvn mule-project-archetype:create, and making sure that settings.xml used by maven has the plugin group, you can also add the profile def to settings.xml:
<name>mulesoft release repository</name>
This way after the maven project is created with the archetype above, you can simply do mvn studio:studio so that the project can be imported to MuleStudio. If you dont run mvn studio:studio, you can't import that maven project to MuleStudio correctly (for example you cant open flow definition file in mulestudio) since the maven archetype doesnt create all the files needed for MuleStudio to use the project.

I used MuleStudio v1.3.1 and used maven commandlines as below:
mvn mule-project-archetype:create -DartifactId=xyz -DmuleVersion=3.3.0
cd xyz
mule studio:studio

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I liked the unit test case you provided in section 1.4.3 to test out posting JMS message to products queue.
How about adding another way to test, something that may give more concrete feel about bridging to JMS?
For example, install activemq locally, and add brokerUrl="tcp://localhost:61616" to the jms connector definition in flow xml. After running the flow, check the URL: http://localhost:8161/admin/browse.jsp?JMSDestination=products to see if the message is posted. Note that all these ports are by default out-of-the-box for ActiveMQ v5.6.0
Fair enough. However to deal with these peripheral yet important issues like jMS broker setup etc, how about adding them to appendix and put a link to them in the main chapter?
Using MEAP v3:
1) Section 2.1 - Going with the flow
message source reference should be 2.2.1 instead of 2.23
2) Section 2.2.1 - Message sources NOTE
it should be "there is no constraint on the transports" based on the ending part: "you mix and match at will"
Section 1.4.2, page 14 (as read in Adobe Reader):
1) The line starting with "Our Product Registration Flow definition begins on..." should mention 1.5 as the listing instead of 1.7. Similarly the line starting with "Our message source in this flow is the HTTP inbound-endpoint defined on..." should have 1.5 section instead of 1.8
2) Listing 1.5 comments on the right are jumpled up with something else.

Page 15 also refers to 1.8 instead of 1.5

Listing 1.6, Page 16: Code listing is missing pu at the beginning (it should be public class instead of blic class)