Thanks, Mark. I suspected as much. I just wanted to see if I was missing anything dumb (as I've been known to). I appreciate your quick response.
Section 3.1.6 tells us that we should be able to pass a function as the second argument to the .data() wrapper method and doing so will cause it to be called for each element in the wrapped set. However, when I try the following on a page that consists of an unordered list with a dozen or so items it does not work.

$(function () {
$('li').data('data-custom', function () {
return $(this).text();

/* separated for clarity */
$('li').click(function () {

Instead of displaying the text of the clicked-on list item, the alert dialog contains the text of the function as follows:

function () {
return $(this).text();

What gives? I've fought with this for a while now. I can get exactly the behavior I want with the following code, but the book clearly states the above should work.

$('li').each(function (i) {
$(this).data('data-joe', $(this).text())
}).click(function () {

Thanks for any insight!