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If your book is as comprehensive and well written as this clarification, it should be good!

Thank you for the speedy response and I look forward to enjoying the finished work.

I just wanted to ask the obvious question. I loved the first edition - I'm wondering what the motivation is for the second edition, or in short, what's new? For example, is it getting up to date with newer frameworks or will we see new content on theory? Mark's more recent published blog articles and videos seems to be much more focused on DI alternatives in functional paradigms (although I note he is clear that this in no way invalidates DI when appropriate). It would be interesting to see this angle addressed in the book.
Appears to be the same in the 2nd edition too! Now I am wondering if I Am I missing something? supposed to show use of delegate operators += and +, but is the wrong diagram.

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I was thinking about this too. I've being trying out the method today and have found paper to be quite effective working alone.

However, I work in a team that is distributed between London and New York.

Our change control system also requires evidence of requirements and/or design for any change above a certain level of risk.

I can also imagine those graphs getting big enough to run off the edge of pages.

These reasons make tooling quite attractive as a means to facilitate capturing the process as a lightweight requirements and design document and easily share it.

I imagine I could use mind-mapping tools like iMindMap and MindManager. Neither of these support multi-parenting - but you can add secondary links which can fit the same purpose.