Yes for RavenDB 3.0 (currently working on revising some parts of the book so they match v3), but RavenFS probably will not make it in.
Yes, please see

You have an option of downloading it all as one zip as well (
Thanks. Chapter 1 was written when an older version of the studio was in use. We are now waiting for version 3.0 to stabilize and be released, and once that is done we will remake the first chapters of the book and then publish it.
Hi, very glad to hear you enjoy reading the book.

Chapter 5 is going to discuss document-oriented data modeling, and I'll be using a few DDD concepts to guide the reader through the thinking process. That chapter is where readers new to doc DBs are going to learn the modeling approaches from scratch, and where people like yourself who are already familiar with DDD can learn how to apply those concepts to work more natively with RavenDB.

Unfortunately, Event Sourcing and CQRS are very advanced topics from the view point of the book. They go a lot beyond just DDD, and I can't really go into them without giving the topic its own chapter. Teaching modeling properly is going to be challenging enough, therefore I consider this to be out of scope for this book. However, I'm sure you can initiate a discussion on the topic on the RavenDB google group to gather opinions and feedback. Please note some concepts which are useful for implementing ES/CQRS type systems are being taught in the book (namely data modeling and stored index fields in chapter 4).

Using index replication to a SQL database is going to be discussed in the book, if this is what you meant.

I may be adding an appendix on using the REST API if I'll see there's enough demand. There is already a simple guide available in the RavenDB documentation, though. Note, (and I'll be adding this note in the book) that deployment of RavenDB without some sort of a software facade in front of it is considered a bad practice. You shouldn't allow client-side applications (AngularJS etc) talk to RavenDB directly. I'll be discussing this in the Deployment chapter.

Yes. Basically every server can have multiple databases and its rather easy to "talk" to multiple databases from within one application. I'll discuss multi-tenancy in the chapter about scaling out.

Thanks, this has been since fixed

The code is indeed available for download from
Fixed, thanks
This sounds like a list of topics to go in the Deployment chapter - adding a section on deploying desktop applications sounds legit.

Take a look at Chapter 4's Query your writes section - this is Personal Consistency and what you should use for your scenario

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