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Connecting Our Controller to Our Interface

May want to give a quick blurb as to why we are grabbing and dragging "Object" from the library to the App window and setting"Object" properties to "PomodoroController". And why we are not using "Object Controller" for this since it appear right under "Object". This may leave some readers scratching there head and wondering.
Timer or Pomodoro?

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def start_stop_timer(sender)
if @pomodoro_timer.nil?

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def start_stop_pomodoro(sender)
if @pomodoro_timer.nil?

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The last item we need to connect is our start_stop_pomodoro action

Would RVM cause this problem? The Default is Mattz Ruby. Or does Xcode try to use its own Macruby package?
I get this too, and I did NOT include "[ CA]" in the controller.