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I noticed them too. Here are a few ones

page18 (p21 in pdf) "but it suffers frome one major shortcoming" -> from
page23 (p26 in pdf) geomtry -> geometry
page28 (p31 in pdf) "This commonly used function accepts returns TRUE is two two geometries" -> "This commonly used function returns TRUE if two geometries" ?

page35 (p38 in pdf) "a list of layers to choose from , for example" -> space to remove after from
page36 (p39 in pdf) with geometrycollections -> missing space
page37 (p40 in pdf) "and you only plan to to store points" -> "and you only plan to store points"

I noticed 2 glitches in the second edition:
page1 (p5 in pdf) working with geometry,raster, -> missing space before raster
page2 (p5 in pdf) which type is best to suit your nees -> needs?

I'm delving back into the book!
Hi Ryan,

I think Manning did "treat us" better in the past. I already bought MEAP that suffered delay but I always received an email from Manning to explain it and apologize.
I also consider that we should have been able to read the first chapters you already wrote because that's what MEAP means.
I agree with the others, will the book be released one day?

I'm trying to update Places App with ZF 1.8 functionalities but I really don't understand how to use Zend_Application.
How to add languages.en = en_GB or the language to default route in chapter 15 in the new configs/application.ini style?

I tried to add resources.languages.en = 'en_GB' but it doesn't seem to work
Also, I don't understand how to register the Places plugin
resources.frontController.plugins.languageSetup = "Places_Controller_Plugin_LanguageSetup"
without success.

Thanks for your help
thanks a lot for the tips Rob!
I hope you'll have time to write ZFiA 2nd edition soon to cover more details
Sorry, I made a mistake :/