Thank you.
I found it.
I am trying to run shp loader on Mac (chapter 4). I do not think so that it comes with postgres installation. I am using
Any thoughts would be appreciate.
I was trying to buy the MEAP book today using "dotd0118" but it did not work.
Anyway to fix it.

Thank you
It worked.
I am trying to view three points from page 56 query in Open Jump but I am not sure how it should be modified in order to see it.
In OpenJump I selected Run Datastore Query, selected my connection but not sure what query to enter.
Any help would be appreciated.
In chapter 1, after importing the shapfile.

I added geom attribute based on the script below:
SELECT AddGeometryColumn('ch01', 'roads', 'geom', 2163, 'MULTILINESTRING',2);

The following script generates an error.
UPDATE ch01.roads
SET geom =
ST_Transform(geom_4269, 2163);
ERROR: Input geometry has unknown (-1) SRID
SQL state: XX000
I am not sure why it is doing it.
SRID -> 2163 is valid
Any help would appreciate it.
Hello Regina,
I used to GUI PostGIS shapeloader tool.
You are correct that I had value -1.
I used your update sql and it worked.
I was able to perform the rest of other queries in the chapter 1.
Onto the chapter 2...
Excellent book; and very happy that you are present on the forum.

Thank you for your assistance.
Hi Regina,
I have downloaded a chapter 1 and read a table of content.
I am going to buy the book.
One question before I get the ebook;
Is it possible to get in a Kindle format ?