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I have a group and a subgroup in a report. in the subgroup there are repetitive rows. But i want to display them at only once within the subgroup. So I hide them. Now I want to have the sum of a field viz. "quantity" group wise, having the only single value of the subgroup. But problem is in the sum the values which are hidden also included. But i don't want them to include in the sum of the group.
Can anybody give the suggestions how to resolve the problem..
I am fighting with it from a long back but i am not able to solve the issue.. plz help me out..

location invoice no. date quantity item
delhi inv/del/1 1/1/2008 3 item-1
inv/del/2 2/1/2008 2 item-4
Location Total 5

This is what i want... for invoice inv/del/1 there are 3 items, i hide rest of two rows using "Hide Duplicates", But the group sum i.e. Location Total in the report is coming out as '13' as it includes the quantities of hidden rows also. But in actual I want '5'.

Thank you..
you might be hiding individual textboxes of the column..
you try to select whole column including the top handle, u just click on the handle of that column and hide that..
you will not get the white space between columns after that..