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There are several problems with the "Source Code for SystemOfMeasurement Errors"

It says "The following code can be saved in a file called SystemOfMeasurment.scala", which you can do, however, it will generate errors when loaded into the repl. The first being the override of create in both locations fails to put a "def" in front of "create". The second being the previously mentioned problem that "quotes" in the text are not "quotes", but unicode right and left "quotes".

We were previously told we would be given access to source files to avoid these kind of problems. The most recent source files I have seen are for Chapter 3. Is there a location for the rest of the chapters that I do not know about?

This is slightly off topic, but this seemed like a good place to post.

"Which people are going on the same tours as Sally?" can have multiple interpretations. It can be interpreted as which individuals are going on exactly the same set of tours that Sally is going on. Which is how I interpreted it and spent a lot of time thinking about it. Finally, I decided to look at the books answer, only to find that it solved a different problem, which is more appropriate to comprehensions. I would suggest that the question be re-phrased to something like. Who is on a tour with Sally? In order to avoid other people from interpreting it as I did.

On Page 10 you have this segment

Try it! In your Scala REPL, try the following.

print "Hello, World"

Hello World This is the output

There are two problems here, the trivial is that Hello World should have a comma after Hello. The serious one is that if you actually enter the print you get

<console>:1: error: ';' expected but string literal found.

What you need to enter to get the expected response is

print ("Hello, World")

which has the output Hello, World