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The chapter "1.4.1 Say hello to Activiti" obviously assumes that you are already familiar with the Activiti toolset and the supporting tools (like Eclipse).

Even though I am familiar with other Java IDEs (mainly Oracle's JDeveloper), I am at a loss with chapter 1.4.1, because it does not give any instructions how to build the "hello" sample from scratch. Also terms like Maven and Groovy are used without explaining them previously.

Therefore, PLEASE rewrite this chapter such that Activiti beginners (like me) can get started. It should be a "step by step" guide explaining how to start Eclipse, create a new Eclipse project, enter code, compile and run it. These steps might be obvious for a certain percentage of your readers, but I assume many other readers would welcome such as "step by step" guide.

- Frank
Hi Tijs, Hi Pablo,

the problem is not the setup of the tools; that was a relatively easy task, thanks to Activiti's user guide. Also appendix A did not help understanding chapter 1.4.1.

What I mean with "Please improve chapter '1.4.1 Say hello to Activiti'" is that it is hard to understand for users how have no pervious working knowledge with Eclipse nor Maven nor Activiti.

Try to forget for a moment everything you know about Eclipse/Maven/Activiti and then read the chapter 1.4.1 again. Would you be able to follow the instructions? I was not.

In the meantime, I worked through most of the rest of your book and managed to follow most of examples; even though I had to google a lot to find all the missing information. So chapter 1.4.1 was no real showstopper for me.

- Frank