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Ok, figured it out -

1. Don't cd into the QuickCheck folder but instead into the folder that is the parent of the QuickCheck folder. In that parent folder I found a eqc_install.beam file.

2. Log in as root so the installer has write access to the Erlang installation. Then start up iex and run the install command.

Things go swimmingly after that.
You need to cd into the <resulting_folder>/ebin before starting iex if iex is going to understand the :eqc_install.install() command.

Even then, the installation fails with the following error:

iex(1)> :eqc_install.install()
Installation program for "Quviq QuickCheck Mini" version 2.01.0.
Installing in directory /usr/lib/erlang/lib.
Installing ["eqc-2.01.0"].
Failed to copy eqc-2.01.0--copy returned {error,eacces}??
** (exit) {{:error, :eacces}, 'eqc-2.01.0'}
../src/eqc_install.erl:67: :eqc_install."-copy_quickcheck/3-lc$^0/1-0-"/3
../src/eqc_install.erl:48: :eqc_install.install2/4

Not a clue how to proceed....

A bit confused about the use of the SampleWorker mfa which is passed from Pooly to the top-level Supervisor, who then passes it to Server to use to start up WorkerSupervisor in version 1 of Pooly (see section 6.3.3 - Starting the Worker Supervisor).

Since the difference between inits of SampleWorker and WorkerSupervisor (default init vs implemented init) is so different, shouldn't the mfa for WorkerSupervisor be used instead? Or, will I see this changed in later iterations of Pooly?
Cool - no problem. Thanks for the quick reply.

I'll just continue with the chapter but follow the updated code.

Great book!
Working through section 4.6 Create cards for the events view.

The text says I can find the related .png files in the book repo at:

but that's not true. In fact, I can't seem to locate any img folder in the repo.

Where should I look?
I searched the threads but did not find one that addressed the following question:

It appears that the property "User user" in the Tag class is required in order to correctly generate schema for a domain class involved in a M:N relationship that also has a 1:M relationship with another domain class.. However, as far as I can tell, this requirement is not discussed in the chapter.

Using Grails v1.3.5 I first recreated the 1:M relationships between User / Post, & User / Tag then inspected the generated schema and got what I was expecting. Next I added the M:N relationship between Post / Tag, updating the Tag domain's "belongsTo" appropriately, but left out the "User user" property.

The generated schema not only created the post_tags join table I was expecting, but also a user_tag table. Interesting.

I then updated the Tag domain class adding the "User user" property and the generated schema produced what I was expecting and only that.

I think it would be useful at that point in the chapter to discuss why the User property, though seemingly unrelated to correctly specifying a M:N relationship, is in fact necessary to get correctly generated schema.

BTW, this book rocks and our shop has bought a stack of them and passed them out to all the teams.
Got it.

I printed this out and added my own callout into the book smilie