Dear Gurus,

I'm pleased to find such a cool and feature rich library to work with PDF.
My particular interest in iText (and any other similar library) is rather small:
just to fill forms with data. We have a bunch of templates (forms) and i need
to populate them with some text (lets say from DB).

No problem at allwith plain old English. But in Russia, English is not that popular yet and customer wants to see Cyrillics in his doc.
After doing some exercieses with that task, i come to the finish with no result.

So, if the authros could give answers to two simple questions:
1. is it possible at all with iText (on java)
2. could you, pls, reply with 10 lines demos - i beleave, this would be
an answers for the problem of hundreds users.

Thanks in advance!
And i promise, if there is a positive answer for both questions - i'll buy
another copy of the book in addition to mine (hardcopy this time) smilie

Thanks in advance !