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Will do.

I'm on page 49 and can't get a SFC to load correctly. I get this without an import statement:

> jest --config test/unit/jest.conf.js --coverage

 PASS  test/unit/specs/sanity_check.spec.js
 FAIL  test/unit/specs/Dashboard.spec.js
  ? Console

    console.error node_modules/vue/dist/vue.runtime.common.js:1739
      TypeError: this.$intro is not a function

so I add this to my test from main.js:

import VueIntro from 'vue-introjs'

Test is now:

import { shallow } from 'vue-test-utils'
import Dashboard from '@/components/Dashboard.vue'
import VueIntro from 'vue-introjs'

describe('Dashboard.vue', () => {
  it('should show the word Overview', () => {
    const wrapper = shallow(Dashboard)

and I get:

> jest --config test/unit/jest.conf.js --coverage

 FAIL  test/unit/specs/Dashboard.spec.js
  ? Test suite failed to run

    import { DIRECTIVES } from './directives';
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token import

      1 | import { shallow } from 'vue-test-utils'
      2 | import Dashboard from '@/components/Dashboard.vue'
    > 3 | import VueIntro from 'vue-introjs'
      4 | 
      5 | describe('Dashboard.vue', () => {
      6 |   it('should show the word Overview', () => {
      at ScriptTransformer._transformAndBuildScript (node_modules/jest-cli/node_modules/jest-runtime/build/script_transformer.js:316:17)
      at Object.<anonymous> (test/unit/specs/Dashboard.spec.js:3:19)

so I'm guessing the import is not transformed by Jest.

Any tips here? I'd like to just import my SFC and Jest figures the rest out.


On page 49 you say to open the websocket page in chrome, but you should say:



Can we tie it in with the manning oauth2 book too? That's an amazing book.
Excellent and hopefully structuring your app when using webpack.

Will there be this type of information on the App tutorial?


Your LDAP description is quite wrong and belittling of the scope, options and power of using a directory server for authentication and authorisation:

"Interestingly, this pattern is exactly how password-vault authentication technologies such as LDAP function. When using LDAP for authentication, a client application collects credentials directly from the user and then replays these credentials to the LDAP server to see whether they’re valid. The client system must have access to the plaintext password of the user during the transaction; otherwise, it has no way of verifying it with the LDAP server."

That is correct because the password hashes are stored, but you could use SASL, ProxyAuth or a few other methods. You are also talking about authentication not authorisation.