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Why not release an updated MEAP version, since the last one was in May this year,
The book was scheduled to be released in November but now I see the staff updated the release date to be expected in February next year.

so if that is the case, please provide at least updated version of MEAP.


I'm reading now Chapter 3, and I'm at the point where you suggest to add new Nanoservice for each new category added on the Sales-Tax message, and I'm wondering how that could be better than having one microservice to handle this?

I mean, how adding new Nanoservice is easier and time saving as you are suggesting instead of maintaining one place to track the changes on Tax rates in each country ? giving this: "but if you actually look at the details, in any tax code of any country in the world, you will find a morass of subdivisions, special cases, and exclusions. And more are added by legislatures every day."
It’s not feasible since there is a developer that is involved in adding this Nanoservice, no matter how sophisticated the Devops used to automate this process, at the end you need a developer to add this new case if you are not going to maintain a central place to update this tax related information.
the only case that I find this feasible is by using Actor model, and creating an actor that is responsible for each newly added cases, this actor is added programmatically by a parent actor, and there is no developer involved in adding that actor.
First of all, thank you for the great book, it's well written with helpful insights about functional programming world using a language we are familiar with.

great work.

the following is a list of mis-spelling I found during my reading to the book, I am half the way, so I will update the list later on when I finish it hopefully:

that that, page 57
filed, page 74
wrappinga a, page 84
the they, page 85
dead en, page 113
shapre-, page 113
easyer, page 133
exlore, page 145
we can to, page 196
the taks, page 325
{val})"); page 341