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Also in listing 6.10.
|> Query.findAll [ tag "img", attribute "src" (urlPrefix ++ url) ]

does not compile

The `attribute` function expects `Html.Attribute Never` rather than `String`.

After importing Html.Attribute

import Html.Attributes exposing (src)

the following works:

|> Query.findAll [ tag "img", attribute <| src (urlPrefix ++ url) ]
Breaks down the `node` function rather than the `test` function.
I know this isn't a book about Jupyter, but it also claims to be "soup to nuts". I have no experience using Jupyter. I installed it like the introduction said. On page 25, it says to "Open up a Jupyter Notebook and run the following". I was able to find online how to start Jupyter, I created a new notebook, and entered all the code in "In [1]:" but now have no idea how to run it.

A brief introduction to Jupyter would be helpful. For example, was all of the code supposed to go into "In [1]:"? Or does each bit of code go into it's own "In"? Or does it go somewhere else? The book says "The last line prints out the prediction (pred)." Where is this printed?

I decided to create a python file to run the code, and printed out pred. What am I missing by not running the code in Jupyter?