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Thanks for the quick and very thorough reply. I'm actually looking forward to this title more now after your explanation. We're mostly programmers at work who only dabble in devops when we need to, and to be honest, at least for myself, when I was going through the content of the in Action book, I did feel as if I needed to read up online docs and figure out how to do things on my own without much guidance from the book. I believe the in Action book really was meant for more advanced "automation" topics, at least from what I can remember.

Anyway, I'm hoping this book will be better for just getting "little" things in AWS done quickly, as opposed to big projects that make use of server clusters and such. For instance, I've been wanting to migrate more and more small domains I currently have hosted elsewhere to AWS, but just haven't really had the time or inclination to move over because of how not very user friendly the AWS console is to use. Hope you can include tips on best practices and tools to use to make life easier for non-devops in the book. In particluar, maybe some tips on how to manage lots of domains on Route53 and the CDN. Emphasis, on the "LOTS". Haha! Right now, I input everything manually using the console, and it's just a pain to do, which is why I still haven't migrated most of my small projects and domains to AWS. cPanel is more user friendly when managing lots of tiny sites, and for domains, I still find Namecheap's user interface easier to use than Route53.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Hoping this book will introduce us to other/newer AWS services we may be able to use to improve our websites in the future. Hoping you can maybe even split the "Everything Else" chapter into several chapters. Haha!

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions in the forum, and happy holidays!

Just wondering how this book is different from the AWS in Action book (and all the other AWS books that Manning now has for that matter)? We have the in Action book at work, which is obviously outdated already, and we're currently looking at newer AWS titles to help keep us somewhat up-to-date on whatever Amazon is currently doing.

If we're already familiar with basic AWS tools, is this book still going to be of help to us, or is this really for "newbs"? Hope I didn't sound condescending. Haha! But it's really hard to gauge how advanced the topics are going to be based on the TOC alone. We're not experts, by any means, but we're not total beginners to AWS either.

Hope you can help us decide whether to get a copy of this book or not.


I just noticed this new book and quickly browsed through the first sample chapter. Interested in reading more, but not sure if this is only going to cover front-end PWA development or also touch on topics related to developing the back-end side of web apps. Aside from service workers, there wasn't any mention of what tools and frameworks you'll be using in the book description or the free sample chapter, so hope you can clarify.

Also, does this book assume you already have a working mobile app or web app (possibly SPA?) with an existing back-end service (REST? Streaming? Mobile push notifications?) that you want to convert to a PWA? Will the book cover topics related to isomorphic apps or hybrid mobile/html apps and how to possibly make them more "progressive" as well?

Thanks in advance!
That makes a lot of sense. Thanks again for clarifying. Looking forward to the rest of the book smilie
I am in the same boat as the person above. Already bought React Quickly and am wondering if I should also be getting this book or not. What will I be missing if I don't get this book? Should React Quickly and React in Action be combined into one book instead?
+1 on any additional examples you can post online smilie

Thanks again!
Hi. Just wanted to know if there will still be a separate chapter on scheduling or if it is going to be incorporated into one of the other chapters in the future. I noticed it isn't in the TOC anymore, but on page 236 of the V7 MEAP, you still mention that it will be covered later in the book. If it's not going to be covered in later chapters, perhaps expanding on the subject right on page 236 would be helpful already. Thanks.
Just finished downloading the new MEAP and noticed that the last 2 chapters that were previously planned for the book has been totally removed. I realize it's so you can get it published sooner. However, I was really looking forward to seeing the implementation for those 2 examples you had planned to do:

9 Building an In The Moment recommendation engine
10 Building an IoT – a tweeting San Francisco parking garage

Is there any chance you can still publish those at a later time as downloadable chapters? Or even just on a separate website?