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no worries, its just something I noticed and wanted to share


in the first chapter you have mentioned that Slack was built using electron, which is not 100% correct as the Mac version was built using MacGap which is a different project than electron, and does not use chromium nor nodejs.

This was mentioned in their acknowledgement document, which can be found at "Slack/Contents/Resources/Acknowledgements.rtf" file .
so its not that much of a protection, that its just to make the life easier for the developer and to make working with multi platform easier ..

thanks for the help, will do my best to finish the book asap smilie

thanks again for the nice work

Am not sure if this topic has been covered on the book or not yet, so please excuse me if its not yet.
when you package your app with electron, you have the option to use asar to create an archive file that concatenates the apps files into a single file.

am still lost here, why do we need to use it? at the end the user will be able to extract it plus it ads not much value for the size of the app, thats if we ignore the fact the electron itself will not be able to write on it so some of your file should be extracted elsewhere for electron to have write access to it.

this point is still fuzzy to me, so it would be nice if we can cover it here or much better in the book if its not yet .