I read again on other devices, with older versions. i simply cannot locate exactly where that comment was. it is certainly not in 1.6.1 so I must have written down the wrong location. Can't find it for the life of me now...

Thanks for the response. I tried to find it, but could not find the location easily. It was not in chapter 1, if I recall correctly. It was in a paragraph where you covered several Java alternatives to JUnit. I think I have the location bookmarked on one of my devices, but there was a version update since I saw this, and may have lost the bookmark as a result. I'll try to find it again tomorrow.

Thanks Again
In section 1.6.1 the author says that Spock is the first testing framework in Groovy. This is not accurate Spock was preceded by EasyB (http://easyb.org/). EasyB seems to have been abandoned by the community and by the author(s), but it was the first attempt that I know of to do Groovy based BDD.

Since both Spock and EasyB share the same heritage (RSpec etc.) they actually share quite a bit in style.

It would actually be useful for the community to have a short example of migrating tests from EasyB to Spock. Anyone who used to use EasyB must have a pile of test code in EasyB that by necessity must be migrated, and Spock would be the natural migration target.