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Are the following statements missing in the sample code?
movies['sentiment_ispositive'] = (movies.sentiment > 0).astype(int)
movies['predicted_ispositive'] = nb.predict(df_bows.values).astype(int)

Otherwise the following statement will fail, because the columns are not there!
movies['sentiment predicted_sentiment sentiment_ispositive predicted_ispositive'.split()].head(8)

These statements are provided in the sample on the following page (products).

In the products sample on page 53 there seem to be mismatches on the naming of the various data frames?
Ok, In MEAP v04 it ist mentioned at the bottom of page 101. And of course, B.1.1 tells where the complete styles.css is found.
In chapter 4.3.x when the templates are created, the added styles are not mentioned. Of course, it is obvious that there have been style changes when the screens do not look like in the book. But it would be nice, when there would be a note on new styles added to styles.css.
Ok, It seems to be related to the state of the Filter button. Now I can see the bids arriving from the server.
Greetings, Klaus-Peter
Hello, what do I have to do, that I see the Websocket messages as in Screenshot 8.12. In my Chrome Developer tools the Frames-Data section is always empty. (MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 and Chrome Version 59.0.3071.86 (Official Build) (64-bit).
on page 387 there is the var getAuthor = function(... defined. This function cannot be found in the git repository. When implementing this in app_api/controllers/reviews.js the process fails on the User.findOne..... How has this to be implemented?