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This book addresses a contemporary and very important topic about event streams paradigm. Glad I found this. Though I don't have personal experience building systems using events streams based approach but I want to learn more about this topic.

One thing I don't quite get is how a system based on synchronous request-response protocol mechanism would work if I had to build such a use case using events streams design approach. For example say if I have a RPC or REST based web service with an instantaneous synchronous request response cycle how would something like this fit in an event streams paradigm which is essentially asynchronous. Would such a service in the event streams world be as performant as synchronous request-response approach or request-response use-cases are different beast and not suitable candidate for using streaming events based design.

Let know your thoughts.

I was wondering if this book will also cover approaches for exchange of large sized data (for example data size less than 1 GB but more than 10 MB) between on-premise client applications and the processes running on AWS. This won't be one-time load but something which occurs on semi-weekly basis.