I don't understand where the O(n!) and the term "Exact Algorithm" came from(Column labels). Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.


I am using Gradle and executing ./Gradlew test to produce my html reports. I am not seeing any of the information I put in @Narrative and @Title.
I read that @Subject was not supported. Is this the case with @Narrative and @Title?

I would like to add that it would be great to explain how one could scale spring boot microservices.

Is it done through clustering?

what things should we avoid in order to ensure the best horizontal scaling outcome?
How does interacting with a RDMS impact scaling?
I am interested in how Spring Boot and Project Reactor work together. Some detail on how Spring Boot differs from Reactor and how they work together. My understanding is that Spring boot uses servlets. While servlets offer Async, is it the async that Vertx claims(due to Netty). A short section describing how Spring Boot plays a roll in the Async, Reactive Programming world would be great. Maybe as an appendix addition?

Thanks for your consideration