Wow, that's perfect news Kostis. Thanks for pulling strings at Manning and Manning for going with the experiment smilie
Thanks for update smilie

Sorry, I'm not a MEAP reader. I've only read the free excerpt, which looks good.
I would like to be a MEAP reader, but I'm not too happy with Manning' delivery system for e-books nor their uber-high shipping costs. On which I emailed them, so I hope they will improve on that. If so, I will be happy to be a MEAP reader and happy buyer of Manning books. But until then, I'm holding off on buying Manning books, and hoping this one soon will be on SafariBooksOnline smilie
Exactly, like asciidoc supports callouts in code:
- (scroll a bit down to the "callouts" samples)

Code highlighting and inline reference for the win! smilie
Hey, good to finally see a Spock Framework book smilie

Please, if at all possible, please be the first book (that I know of) with color-highlighted code samples. We have it in our IDE's, text-editors, blogs, etc. for a reason. It makes code sooo much easier to read.

Maybe for printing it is too costly, I don't know. But then atleast put the code highlighting in the ebook/digital versions smilie (safaribooks? smilie)

I'm very curious to the finished book.


ps. besides the features described on, please also take (and any new stuff?) into account. As the new docs are still very incomplete. And this very nice BDD-style test reporting extension for Spock: