I am trying to call a store procedure that is listed in the left pane of LINQPad. In the right pane I have

string PetN="";
GetPetName(8, PetN);


where 'GetPetName' is the stored procedure. However the, since the PetN variable is not defined as an 'out' or 'ref' parm, nothing gets returned? This work in code using LINQ to SQL, but not in LINQPad.

Anyone know of a workaround?
Thanks Jim

I read the chapter - the included LIA.MDF does not include the store procedure 'GetBook', is there a more updated database I can download?

I downloaded the full examples directly from and into LINQPad. However I can not locate WHERE it put the samples or the databases. If it would let me download a ZIP file or something like that, then I would know its location.

The search box in windows explorer is no help, I even looked where the LINQPad.exe is, still no luck.
Got it. I download the samples from the book, and the bonus chapters, and in that download was a directory (6-smilie that had another LIA database in it, and that one had all the Stored Procedures.

Jim -

Actually - while I am thinking about it, would you know if there is an alternate way to call a MSSQL store procedure using LINQ. Or does the LINQ to SQL data context need to be setup in all cases?

Thanks Jim... I will do that...