As per subject. I think this is the only book cover ecto.
Figure 3.7 "pain" -> "pane"
npm install electron-prebuilt –-save-dev
Should be
npm install electron-prebuilt --save-dev

Newer version of electron suggests
npm install electron --save-dev
as per message header
As per message header
Page 29

All products their current location will be stored in a MongoDB database, so we need to define a database connection.
Thanks for the insights. The web technologies keep on improving and some technologies come and go. I agree that only CTO or system architects care about which way to go.

I was looking for nginx with meteor so that static contents could be served and cached, and i came across passenger (

Any possibility to include it or in another book?
Even i have purchased a meap version a few months ago, i only have time to read carefully now. Chapter 1 is good as it gives good insight into meteor for those who have used other frameworks. Good work.

Sequence 2 is missing from Figure 1-8.
Missing sequence 2 in figure 1-8.. sorry wrong post, it should be in meteor in action.
I find it hard to follow the examples, as code is introduced part by part but omitting previous code fragment. I suggest to introduce the whole code, with line number. Then show the relevant fragment in subsequent paragraphs.
On page 18, label for Figure 2.5:

The 2nd "HTTP request" should be changed to "HTTP response".