Hello...not expecting answer from authors but maybe others might know the answer to this.

If I open a digitally signed PDF and read the contents of the certificate, under the "details" tab of the signed certificate, I can see things like: RFC822 email, validity starts, validity ends etc.

How do I use iText code to "see" this information? Currently, my code does the following:

newVar = PdfPKCS7.getSubjectFields(pk.getSigningCertificate());
sigNew = newVar.getFields();

but it only returns the [C], [CN], [O] and [OU] fields...??

If I use:
pk2 = pk.getSigningCertificate();
getCertStart = pk2.getNotBefore();
getCertEnd = pk2.getNotAfter();

I can access the dates, BUT how to access the email address in the certificate???

PS: I am coding using iText and ColdFusion.