I bought this book with the intentions it was directly using Serverless framework but so far looks like it isn't smilie

I also bought the aws lambda in action book so curious as to what is the difference between books if it doesn't use this framework?
I have been battling non stop with support, providing photos and snap shots and the type of epub reviewer that I have given up. In fact I showed them v2 of jQuery in Action working perfectly fine when viewing my epub but v3 of this book doesn't work.

This is not my only epub, I have about 40+ books epubs and never have had this problem before.

You can clearly see via the epub that the font being used is not ledgable in a mobile view with paragraphs clashing together and barely viewable in a web browser as the font is quite small. If you compare it to other working manning epubs they all follow a similar font and layout. You can clearly see the difference.

I am really disappointed I will be seeking a refund on this do to the lack of support and merry-go round ignorance support treatment I have recieved.

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Thank you so much.

I reported this issues twice to the support team via email the last two days but no reponse or acknowledgement. smilie

Keep me updated
I have tried to download muliple times to see if th epub version of this book has been corrected and it hasn't.

The epub is not displaying the words correctly and shows words in paragraphs colliding with each other on mobile or tablets. The font viewed on a desktop epub viewer is super tiny and barley ledgible.

Can someone please address this problem?