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You even discuss mirroring in Chapter 11 (11.2). The note might want to discuss the fact that URLs may be different in a mirroring environment where the hostname is different.
"When the fetch and push URLs differ?
These won’t differ unless they’ve been set to do so by the git remote command or by Git configuration. It’s almost never necessary to do this, so I won’t cover it in this book."

This is not accurate. Any organization running a large Git installation distributed over a large geographic area will most probably have pull mirrors to make it faster to pull code while the push URL will point to the main repo or quite often when using source code review software like Gerrit, the push URL will point to the Gerrit servers. And the Gerrit servers will be responsible for pushing to the main git repo after a review has been approved.

This is how things are set up at my company and I am sure elsewhere as well. Given the nature of the "In Practice" part of the book, it might warrant a mention on how large orgs use git. Might even be worth a chapter.
"Should objects being interacted with directly?"

It looks like the word "being" needs to be "be".

Might be better using active voice:

Should you interact with objects directly?
While we are on Chapter 9 Typos:
Page 284


The section heading is incorrect.
I agree with Sujit that given the move to the new 0.20 context based APIs, this book's code should definitely be updated to reflect that.


Found several typos in the table headings:

MVC Compoents => MVC Components (n missing)
Internationlization => Internationalization (a missing)