Where can we download data for first module ? Thanks
Is there any specific reason to start with keras 1 in the video ? Is it possible to try the same code examples in Keras 2
I am reading chapter 2 and in the listing 2.1, It mentioned about $Gopath . I didnt quite get what is $gopath .Is this a Environment variable ?

Also as the book did not talk about the setting up of GO I was confused in the snippet . It will be great if the setup information is provided before the chapter 2 to clarify the details.
hi Mark,
In Chapter 5 (pg no 127) you have mentioned about the use of static factory and its sense of anti pattern.. we are using it in our current project.. i want to change it to the DI based Implementation. Can you send me the 14 page document or some salient point what i can say to make it an antipattern.. i was mentioning about non-testable coding.. but they are not ready to accept.