Hi Renzo,

I have a question -- since there is only "MEAP eBook" option available for purchase, does it mean that the paper version of the book won't be released?

The content looks very good -- keep up the good work!
I own the first edition of the book, but after looking at the second edition table of contents I see a lot of new topics added. Could you expand on the new material you plan to cover?
on page 26 of the printed book, the code for Listing 2.1 reads:

SwingBuilder.edt {

and Groovy spits out the error: "Caught: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: static groovy.swing.SwingBuilder.edt()"

It should be "new SwingBuilder().edt { ...}" which is reflected on the github page for the source code.
on page 61 of the printed book:

loc.setState("1600 Pennsylvania Avenue");

should be

loc.setStreet("1600 Pennsylvania Avenue");
MEAP v12:

Page 85: "Note the difference in spelling in #1. This is not =~ b but a= ~b. Tricky."

Should be #2 instead of #1.