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[Originally posted by bsampson]

Today's problem is . . .
When I run the appl (both my version and the last version to go into
production), I get a Quincy Error (Notes.RIP) which says that I have an access
violation. Any ideas on what might be causing that? Let me know if you want to
see the Notes.RIP file (I posted part of it below - it's really too long to
include all of it here). I thought it might be insufficient disk space or
maybe not enough memory, but I have about a GB left on my C drive and my PC
has 64Mb of memory.

Thanks in Advance!!

Here's part of the Notes.RIP

Please report this crash to the vendor of the faulting application: App:
unknown (PID=0xFFFC92D1)
When: 10/16/2000 @ 18:57:56.120
Exception number: C0000005 (access violation)
Exception Flags = 0x00000000 (continuable)