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colliedunk1 (3) [Avatar] Offline
I've recently installed java 5 on a machine I remote log into and develop on. Bit in order to run the VM (virtual machine) I need to give -client flag to java ie java –client
The machine is a solaris machine and the default option is –server and I don’t know how to make client the default.
So in order to run ant I’ve set a environment variable ANT_OPS to include –client switch and ant now runs – hurray!!
In the build file I have a junit task and I want to put in a batchtest task with a fork = “yes” option… but the VM breaks as it need the –client switch.
The work around is to set the junit option <jvmarg value = "-client" /> which gives the forked junit VM the client switch, but I would like to fork the batchtest not the junit task.
Question is how to?

…I want to run each test in a separate VM, maybe forking the junit task might do this?
…I’m a little confused. If I make a test suite and add the test cases to it will they run separately so maybe I’m being too complicated?

ErikHatcher (211) [Avatar] Offline
Re: how to specify a task's VM setting
Your best bet is to post this specific type of question to the Ant user e-mail list. This forum is specifically for JDwA discussion.