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edgar (1) [Avatar] Offline
Dear Daniel Selman,

I'm a German student and am currently writing a Java3D program for my Masters thesis. However, I have encountered a problem with Java3D: My program is supposed to divide a three-dimensional space into several regions which are limited by faces starting at the center point of a sphere and going to infinity.

I actually need to know where those faces intersect with the sphere (so the faces should not exceed the border of the sphere). In the final 3D image, the user should be able to see the spatial distribution on the sphere (a Voronoi diagram on the surface of the sphere).

My question is: Is it possible to solve this problem graphically w/ Java3D? Unfortunately, I did not find a solution to it in your book "JAVA 3D programming". I would be grateful for any helpful hints or suggestions.

Thank you in advance,
dselman (104) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Voronoi diagram on sphere

I don't think there is anything in Java 3D that will specifically help you with this. Try a book like: