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I try to use xDoclet with Ant, but I always get an error
/root/archive/test/build.xml:43: taskdef class xdoclet.doc.DocumentDocletTask cannot be found

I have included j2ee.jar, common-logging.jar, log4j.jar, and xdoclet.jar in my <path> as in the following code

<path id="xdoclet.classpath">
<pathelement location="/usr/local/SUNWappserver/lib/j2ee.jar"/>
<fileset dir="/usr/local/comlog" includes="*.jar"/>
<fileset dir="/usr/local/xdoclet/lib" includes="*.jar"/>

<taskdef name="document" >
classpathref="xdoclet.classpath" />

However, Ant still does not recognize DocumentDocletTask. Does somebody have some solution to fix this? Thanks for your reply.

Tam Tran
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Re: DocumentDocletTask cannot be found.
Try running Ant with the -verbose or -debug switches to see if you get more details on the exception. Next up is to report the issue to the XDoclet user community.