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[Originally posted by dopdebeeck]

I have been using web.pb for some months now. I use PWS as the Intranet Server
here at the office. Everything works fine, until this morning when I wanted to
execute a function.
I got the message that it can not connect itself. Mostly this is due to the
pbweb.ini is wrongly defined. Which is after looking ta it not the case.
Neither is the code changed for the last three weeks.
I even can not connect to any sample code???? So after looking for errors in
the code or pbweb.ini, I don´t know where to look at any more.
In the book is stated at chapter 13.1 that I should use a service. As I
haven´t done this before, I wonder why I should use it now when I never did it
before??? did I missed something?
Why do I have to do this? And why didn´t I had to do it before? Does PB6
installs it/ activates it??
Please help anyone

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Re: Suddenly I can not connect to application
[Originally posted by dopdebeeck]

Hi everybody,

The problem is solved! It seems to be that Service Pack 6 from MICRO$OFT is
the BAD guy. After removing it and going back to version 5 my problem was