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[Originally posted by aldasj]

My name is Aldas and I am a computer programmer using Power Builder. I have
several years experience-using 5.0 and 6.5 using PFC. My company needs me to
develop a web application using Power Builder 7.0. I have not experienced this
before and I am looking for information on how to come to this. If you have
any information on the best tools and languages that are compatible with PB
7.0 to develop application using web browser without the user needing any
extra drivers or software on their computers. It should work the same as if
you were to go on line and type in you www.address. You would come to the web
page, and be able to use it to take information and give information back if
requested to do so. Also if you have any hints on where to start and what is
the best approach to come to this.

Thank you,
Aldas Jaskulis
E-mail at work
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Re: Creating a web application
[Originally posted by sujaydutta]

Have u tried Web.PB? It is based on n-tier architecture and does not require
any PBVM or any other resources except a web browser. The client is very thin
with the logic deployed using user objecs in Application server which runs
along with the webserver.

For larger apps, you may try using Jaguar/Powerdynamo also.