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Kjeld (26) [Avatar] Offline
Yeehaa I made it, I am a SCWCDeveloper and very happy about it. About the book I am not so happy.

The exam started with a couple of questions that were about JNDI configging (some EJB example!) in the web.xml. I was just about to call the lady back to ask if she had not accidently had provided me with the SCBCD exam, until I realized that somewhere at chapter 4 or so it said something generalistic like 'remember to study the Deployment Descriptor'. Yes, ok. This one line means that the book does not guarantee it will discuss all the web.xml elements that are exam material but somehow I hoped it would.
Anyway I got a question about the optional <env-entry> element, so you better make sure to know ALL elements by heart if you're going for 100%.
I don't remember a lot about the specific 70 (not 69!) questions I got, but I do remember there were a lot of questions about EL and not so many about Filters. Of course, that still does not guarantee what the other exam variants will look like.
I must say there were also a lot of simple questions that can easily be answered correctly just by studying this book. But I think its also very wise to read mainly through the latest topics in this forum and go in-depth on those DD elements that are not covered by the book AND try the (free) CertGear demo (like I did). Even the demo contains an error but wt.. it gives you insight in the not-covered topics.
Beware of the Design Pattern questions I think they were pretty trivial. They are not 'technical' but more like 'understand-the-pattern-features-and-be-able-to-apply-them' type of questions. Oh yes, and they throw in a lot of other (existing) J2EE patterns that are not discussed in the book (but then again..they are the wrong answers).
I really can't recall any questions about tag files.
Exam time was 2.5 hours, I think it can be done pretty well.
I hope this gives a bit of an impression.
panik100 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Re: Yippeeee
The information that you shared is going to be absolutely helpful to me as I am planning to take the exam sometimes next month.