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Ch 11 <jsp:root> NOT required under JSP 2.0
Page 212 11.4.1 The root element

"As seen in listing 11.5, the XML syntax requires that the entire JSP page be enclosed in
a single root element:"

While a well-formed XML document requires a single root element, the <jsp:root> tag is no longer a requirement since JSP 2.0

Page 1-134
JSP.6.2.2 Overview of Syntax of JSP Documents

"A JSP document may or not have a <jsp:root> as its top element; <jsp:root> was mandatory in JSP 1.2, but we expect most JSP documents in JSP 2.0 not to use it."

JSR-000152 JavaServer PagesTM 2.0 Specification (Final Release)

JSR-000154 JavaTM Servlet 2.4 Specification (Final Release)

JSR-000052 A Standard Tag Library for JavaServer PagesTM (Maintenance Release)