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I have a problem with configuration of libraries.

My project uses 2 version of JDom (jdom.jar - which are different
and incompatible). The older is used by Hibernate at compile time,
and the newer version is used by one of our developers.

When I run each part of the program independently, it works well.
But when I put all the things together, the program does NOT
compile because the compilator can only see one file jdom.jar at
a time.

I use Ant to compile and build my project and I don't know how to
specify: with this Java file, we use this library and with that
Java file we use another library.

I don't know if we can resolve this problem with Ant.

Have you ever met a situation like that?

Tell me what can I do now ?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Problem with configuring libraries -- Can I use Ant to do this ???
This is an issue you'll have to sort out yourself somehow. Ant can accommodate by allowing you to specify classpath and fork attributes, but it is up to you to sort out the issues. I strongly recommend you standardize on the final release version of JDOM and throw away the other one.

This forum is really for issues related to the book, so you're best served by posting general Ant questions to the Ant user e-mail list in the future.