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[Originally posted 12/1/03 by Anonymous]

I am on page 33 now. So I am really asking beginner questions.

Can UML be used to model aspects? Are there any information about it?

I suggested to take a look at what AspectJ can do for us. Our project leader doesn't know much about it. But he said that he thinks AspectJ is too immature and dangerous because it modifies the byte code. He asked about big projects using AspectJ with success. What can be said to this? How can I convince him if I am convinced?
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Re: AspectJ and UML
[Originally posted 12/1/03 by ramnivas]

Using AOSD with UML is a topic under research. Currently, I just use stereotyped UML element such as <<aspect>> and <<pointcut>> to describe the model.

AOP adoption:
1. Use of bytecode modification isn?t new: JDO performs ?enhancements? at compile-time, JBoss modifies bytecode at runtime, Hibernate modifies bytecode at runtime. Therefore, AspectJ is dangerous because it modifies bytecode isn?t simply true.
2. As you will see in chapter 13 (especially section 13.4), I suggest an incremental and steady adoption path. I strongly recommend that you use AspectJ for debugging and policy enforcements to improve your own productivity. Once you become comfortable with AspectJ, show you team lead/colleagues what you could achieve with AspectJ.

Also, read summary sections of chapter 5 and 6 for ideas in adopting AspectJ.