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Throughout the 2nd edition DTDs are used for the DD and TLD specs. These DTD specs refer to the web app 2.3/JSP1.2 spec with was tested on 310-080. 310-081 tests on the 2.4/JSP2.0 test; so in many places the information on the DD and TLDs is out of date. 2.4/JSP2.0 is not specified with Document Type Definitions (DTD) but is specified using the XML Schema Definition Language (xsd). You can refer to the up to date documents here:

This causes numerous problems throughout the text, too numerous too mention here. Just some examples:

- <taglib> in the DD (web.xml) no longer goes directly under <web-app> but is now placed under the new <jsp-config> element.

- <body-content> under the <tag> element in a TLD is no longer optional; it is required, so it doesn't need a default.

- in some places <small-icon>, <large-icon> have been replaced with <icon>

- <description>, <display-name>, <icon> cardinality has changed from "at most once", to "any number of times".

etc, etc.
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Re: Caution: DTD vs xsd specs
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Re: Caution: DTD vs xsd specs
A DTD version of for the Servlet API 2.4 can be found in the spec itself under "SRV.A.2 DTD" (page 286)

JSR-000154 JavaTM Servlet 2.4 Specification (Final Release)