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Hi All:

I hope this is a new question. I apologize if it has been discussed before.

I would like to get links or suggestions on additional reading materials on the MIDI file format and how to open and read the port/files.

I would like to use Visual Basic/Real Basic or NSBasic for desktop to write a simple midi file player that takes the midi file from the PC and plays this on MIDI device. I do not want to load MIDI file drivers or special DLL's. The actual Windows driver for the actual MIDI interface is OK. Eventually I want to be able to connect the MIDI keyboard to a PC serial port that supports the specific 31250 MIDI baud rate. In the end, eliminating the PC MIDI interface and Windows driver altogether.

Therefore to make a long story short, I am trying to learn how to load/read the MIDI and then send this via the serial port to the MIDI device.

Hope this is simple to understand what I am trying to describe.

Maybe the short question should read.
How to load and sent a MIDI file via a serial port?

Thanks for any assistance that anyone can suggest.

Bob Katayama MVP Windows Mobile Devices