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pinfieldharm (2) [Avatar] Offline
In 2d edition, section 8.2.2, p. 125, subheading "HttpSessionAttributeListener":

"The HttpSessionAttributeListener interface allows a developer to receive notifications whenever attributes are added to, removed from, or replaced in the attribute list of any of the HttpSession objects of the web application. We specify the class that implements this interface in the deployment descriptor. We discussed this listener (javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionAttributeListener) in detail in chapter 6."

Going back to chapter 6 gives us this detailed discussion (section 6.2.2, p. 87)

"Three listener interfaces are available for keeping track of sessions and their attributes: HttpSessionAttributeListener, HttpSessionBindingListener, and HttpSessionActivationListener. We'll cover each of them in chapter 8, when we discuss the overall framework of session operation."

That is, there are circular cross-references regarding HttpSessionAttributeListener and never a detailed discussion.
stabilpa (6) [Avatar] Offline
Re: HttpSessionAttributeListener NEVER COVERED
Well, the fact that it has been more than a week without any one of the three authors responding to this gaffe does give one pause when deciding whether or not to buy the second edition.