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Could anyone please help me to find out a java code review checklist on performance.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Code review checklist
There are many sites for getting the Code Revoew Checklist , please search in google for more options and select the one which suits your requirements, the reason being for each and every project the methodology of reviewing varies.

Rahul Shah
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Re: Code review checklist
I found the article on Code Review Checklist from
http://technotes.towardsjob.com/java/code-review-checklist-for-java to be very useful. Hope it helps

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Re: Code review checklist
Data Item Declaration Related:
1.Are the names of the variables meaningful?
2.If the program language allows mixed case names, are the variables names with confusing use of lower case letters and capital letters?
3.Are the variables initialized?
4.Are there similar sounding names?(For unintended errors)
5.Are all the common structures, constants and flags to be used defined in a header file rather than in each file separately?
Data usage related:
1.Are values of right data types being assigned to the variables?
2.Is the access of data from any standard file, repositories or database done through publicly supported interface.
3.If pointers are used, are they initialized properly?
4.Are bounds to array subscription and pointers properly checked?
5.Has the usage of similar looking operators checked?