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[Originally posted by kforbes]

We are trying to migrate our distributed PowerBuilder app, that is called from
WebPB, from PB version 5 to 6.5. In order to do this, we need to migrate
about 100 users from version 5 of the datawindow plugin to version 6. There
is a known problem when upgrading the plugin from version 5 to version 6 on
Internet Explorer. First, you must remove the version 5 dll and then you must
change or remove a bunch of registry settings. This is all documented in
Sybase document 47795.

My problem is that with 100 users spread throughout the country, this is not
something that can be done manually. Has anyone written any kind of
installation script that cleans up the mess that version 5 of the plugin left
behind, so version 6 can be installed normally?