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tempusfugit (144) [Avatar] Offline
page 355 4th paragraph

"... calls the setJspContext() method. This method returns an instance of the JspContext class, which is the superclass of PageContext - the object returned by the setPageContext() method of Tag or BodyTag interface."

The signatures are actually

public void SimpleTag.setJspContext(JspContext pc)

public void Tag.setPageContext(PageContext pc)

None of these methods "return" anything. They are simply used by the container to set the JspContext/PageContext of the taghandler.

page 356 2nd Paragraph

the web container invokes setBody()

should be

the web container invokes setJspBody()

page 356 2nd Paragraph

"... the web container invokes setJspBody() to make it available for the Java class. The method's return type is JspFragment."

The signature is actually

public void setJspBody(JspFragment jspBody)

Again the method doesn't "return" anything. The method is used by the container to make the tag's body content available to the taghandler in the form of a JSP fragment.

page 356 2nd Paragraph of 17.2.2

"But JSP 2.0 provides the DynamicValues interface,.."

should be

"But JSP 2.0 provides the DynamicAttributes interface,.."

page 360 1st paragraph

"The second, <dynamic-attributes>, tells the web container that the tag may contain other attributes besides num, and it should create a Map to hold their names and values."

No - this is confusing two different uses of 'dynamic-attributes'

- The <dynamic-attributes> 'element' as subelement of the <tag> element within a tag handler's TLD (.tld) controls whether DynamicAttribute.setDynamicAttribute() is called.

- The dynamic-attributes 'attribute' of the tag directive within a tag file (.tag) enables dynamic attributes and gives the map holding the key-value pairs (of dynamic attributes) a name.

page 363 Quizlet answer (bottom of the page)

"...cannot set their <body-value> elements..."

should be

"...cannot set their <body-content> elements..."

page 366 4th paragraph

"In the previous chapter, we showed how to declare JSP variable in tag library descriptors by adding <variable> elements"

Nothing like that was ever elaborated - the extent to which the <variable> element was discussed in 16.1.2:
"There can be zero or more <variable> and <attribute> elements"
"Specifies the scripting variable information."
in Table 16.2

page 369 Third paragraph states :
"Table 17.4 lists and describes the attributes needed to configure this action in tag files."

The caption of Table 17.4
"Tag file attributes within the tag directive"

The table actually shows the attributes to the jsp:invoke standard action. (i.e. the paragraph is correct; the caption is not; the caption is merely duplicated from table 17.3)