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Dear all,
I have 3 EAServers 5.0 hosting PB 9.0 components. At the front-end I have around 200 users statically distributed among the 3 servers. When the server's are initially started everything goes fine. Response time of components is satisfactory. But gradually as the load grows and when certain limit is reached the server throws Sybase Heap Manager Exception and gives a dump. After that no furhter client connnections are accepted. Only possible thing is to restart the server.

On tesing I found that the rate at which data are requested by clients in peak load conditoins is much more than the rate at which Jaguar is freeing the unused memory. Hence the problem is coming. I want my servers to be available 24x7. No downtime is acceptable.

If anyone have any solutions to this it will be a great help.

Thank you.