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Page 208: missing semicolon in userProfile.jsp

String userId = (String) session.getAttribute("userId")

should be

String userId = (String) session.getAttribute("userId");

Page 225: Mispelling in Figure 12.3 caption

Dyanmic inclusion using the forward action

should be

Dynamic inclusion using the forward action

Page 230: extraneous list enumeration in Quizlet Question (extraneous j)

i <% String fileURL = "catalog.jsp"; %>
j <%@ include file="<%= fileURL %>" %>

should be

i <% String fileURL = "catalog.jsp"; %>
<%@ include file="<%= fileURL %>" %>

Page 231: Additional problem with Quizlet:
"What is wrong with the following JSP doc"
XML namespace attribute value is missing double quotes

<jsp:root >

should be

<jsp:root >
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Re: Minor Typos
2nd edition
Chapter 12 Reusable web components
page 229

First line of text following Listing 12.6 should read

"Here, the implicit variable request in productDescription.jsp"...