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I have a .NET application that runs on a scheduled basis - basically i have a windows form - with a button and a click event behind this button. If you run the application as normal and click on the button it runs perfectly. I have a constructor declared that will take in arguments from the command prompt, if these arguments are there, then the button event is run automatically (in the windows load method, i run the but.PerformClick event). Now this was working perfectly with a Win98 operating system (application is a couple of years old). I've upgraded the pc to win 2000 and the scheduled option does not run - the windows form is loaded - i can see it on the screen but until i physically click on the form with the mouse (anywhere), the button event does not run. Is there something i have to do to make the form active?
Thanks for any help.
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Re: Win 2000 - scheduler problem

I think I'd have to see the code to really answer your question. I have not really used .NET on Win 98 computers, so I'm not sure what differences you might encounter that would cause this.

Are you calling PerformClick() from the Load event? You say load method which may not be the same thing. Are you using the Activate event for this purpose, or some other event? That might explain some of the behavior.

Also, when you say "scheduled" do you mean one time or again and again. If you mean again and again, how to you kick off the event each time?

Give me a little more detail and I may be able to offer some advice.